Welcome, hypocrites and assholes alike!

Hello there!

First, allow me to point out that if you came to this place expecting to see posts about the shitty hipsterrific “rock” band with a similar name, you shall be sorely disappointed. This is not for them. Here, we have a far different purpose: arguments and ranting. I know, it’s shocking, right? A free blog on the Internet where some asshole rambles on and on about things that bother him, as though it’s supposed to change something? That is SO unique!

Well, no, clearly it bloody isn’t. There’s nothing we’re going to discuss here that’s going to change the world, at least not right away. It’s more a sounding board for a lot of thoughts pent up in my head, and you’re just along for the ride. Often, this will lead to discussions that call to light a large amount of hypocrisies I observe in human behavior. Sometimes, this will even spill in to religion and politics (“No, not THOSE!”). I’ll do my best to do what so many “arguments” and rants do not, however: I shall provide evidence.

That’s right, folks. This won’t just be a bunch of conjecture-laced personal anecdotes. This will be an analysis of how incredibly stupid people are (myself included) when balanced against their own religious texts, actual printed law, and “established social norms.” You’ll notice the latter is in quotations, because frankly there’s no such fucking thing. We vary too much. Still, I’ll get in to that some time. …Probably..?

Now, before my next post and the “meat” of the blog begins to take form, let me get something out of the way:

A lot of this will shock you. It will offend you. It will “trigger” you and cause you to rethink your life’s choices, at least momentarily. It will piss you off, it will piss your family and friends off, and it might even piss entire religions or governments off. This is by design, and I apologize for nothing. I find, like so many others (See: George Carlin), that offending someone is the easiest way to get them to realize that there may be a problem with their current thought processes. I intend to be incredibly offensive sometimes, but I assure you it is just to get you thinking.

That said, welcome to “Fighting Friday.” I’m your host, some mid-30’s cishet straight white shitlord that you already hate even though we don’t even know each other. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together, I’m sure.


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