Yeah, sorry about that.

I guess you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated in nearly a month. I doubt that’ll change any time soon, I’m afraid. It’s not that I don’t want to, but rather than I simply can’t. A lot of it is free time – I haven’t really had much time to sit down and write. Still, more of it is my mindset. It may seem strange to some that a blog devoted to “offensive” debate may need restraint, but I’ve simply been in too negative a mindset to write.

I feel like my depression’s been back for a while, but in a far different way this time around. Instead of my normal “everything sucks, I just wanna sit here and do nothing,” I am instead stressed out and angry all the time. Drop of a hat, I get pissed off. It’s kind of hard to keep a level head and cite sources when I really just wanna scream at someone at any given time of the day. You’d think it would make for good writing, and maybe it would, but it makes for shitty arguments.

Still, here’s some filler I’ve had on my mind lately, bound to get you talking or bickering:

Wonder Woman isn’t the “first strong female role model in film.” She’s the first hyped-up one. She’s the first one a large chunk of the female (primarily TERF, just sayin’) populous has paid attention to. Yeah, I went there. Ellen Ripley? Erin Brockovich? Claire Underwood (ish)? The dinosaurs from the Jurassic (X) series? Too niche, apparently. She needs flashy pastels and oversaturation in the toy aisles to be a “role model,” after all.

If your city/town/metropolitan area is primarily held up by military and tourism revenue, yes, you still have a right to complain about both presences. However, you do not have a right to “run them out” or “deter them.” I’m a strong believer that both young enlisted men and tourists (or a combination thereof) are a blight on most “tourist areas,” but that’s a singular opinion. I voice it, sure, but at the end of the day I also respect their right to be there and spend their money. I also support it when the local economy relies upon this activity to survive. So should you.

Once upon a time, the idea of holding a party was to gather up those you enjoy being around and celebrate some manner of occasion with them. Even if that occasion was merely “we haven’t seen each other in a while,” it was normally a sought-after joyous occasion. It is my personal opinion that when you invite every fucking person you know, even just a little bit, no matter what and “mandate” a theme, you’re tarnishing this idea. You’re cheapening the experience. It’s even worse when you’re asking your guests to provide most of the refreshments or the entertainment. Given, holding a party is hard work and expensive, but put in some effort, yeah? Otherwise, you’re not celebrating. You’re just seeking attention and validation.

“Everyone’s a little bit racist,” but this identity politics shit is getting out of hand, especially with those of us who are more than one “check mark” on the census. My fiancee is at least German and Puerto Rican – “White” and “Hispanic” both. It’s believed that I’m not only Black Irish in genealogy, but also: English, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Native American, Haitian, and Creole. Of course, I wouldn’t know the truth unless I handed the rights to my DNA, but what the hell do check? “Other?” How do I explain that when I “look and act White?” We are not some cheaply-applied, half-assed tick marks on a census tracker or a job application. We as a species (or collection of species?) are so much more complicated. There are only lines in the sand because you’re dumb enough to think they should be there.

Just a few of the things on my mind. Still can’t get them out effectively. Until I can, radio silence, I guess.


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